What I Learned After Doing 8,000 Push-Ups

At the conclusion of last month, I ventured out to challenge myself in doing something that I have never done before. Being a certified personal trainer, I like to do things that would avoid a plateau in order to give my body something new and confusing to work on. While I do push-ups daily, I felt like doing them on an extreme level. So, I researched some push-up challenges, and thought to myself, “I can do that… right?” While the hesitation was feverish, I came up with a number that my body immediately took me off its friends list; however, … Continue reading What I Learned After Doing 8,000 Push-Ups

A Club Worth Fighting For…

It’s funny how the Hebrew meaning of “Nehemiah” is “[God] comforted.” Nehemiah 4:14 has left an indelible mark in my spirit. For eight weeks, I have surrounded my life around fighting. Not defensively, but offensively. Fighting for my family, fighting for my peace, fighting for my joy, fighting for my faith. This fight hasn’t been as a result of a last-minute effort to save my marriage. I have been through that already, and succeeded. Nor has it been a desperate plea to prove that I am a good father. God is constantly perfecting me in that area. But it was … Continue reading A Club Worth Fighting For…

Compart Mental Lies

So many times in our lives we deal with people who do not believe in us. Whether it is the way we look, speak, or smile, people are victims of prejudice far too often. Unfortunately, these prejudices can affect people deeper than you think. Oftentimes – especially men – we mask our true hurts by having a bravado that commands attention and acceptance. When, in fact, there is an inner cry that continues to be unheard. Eventually, that voice will be unable to speak any longer, and will turn numb. Then, a sense of feeling calloused and nonchalant trumps a … Continue reading Compart Mental Lies

Common, Common?

What people in your life do you appreciate the most? Let them know that. We all have an inner ego monster that stays hungry. It is up to you to either feed it until it gets fat and harmful, or give it a healthy and balanced diet, so it can work for you and help you boost up others. Evaluate these 10 questions, and think about the first person that comes to mind. Do it instinctively; don’t try to make it someone that it really is not. If it is not your spouse that you are thinking about, that’s okay. … Continue reading Common, Common?

Out with the Gavel… In with the Gatorade.

It is so easy for people to look at another person’s flaws first. Moreover, it is easy for others to discriminate. Not only is it common in the society that we live in, but it is engrained in us to do it. In a sick way, it provides a form of therapy, and becomes addictive like a drug. Yes, judgment and discrimination are drugs, and can be addictive when it becomes natural for a person to automatically make an assessment of someone. Maturity comes in removing personal biases. On the contrary, it is our duty to judge in a loving, positive … Continue reading Out with the Gavel… In with the Gatorade.

Sick and Tired? Take A Pill.

Complaining is such an easy emotional outlet. In fact, it is even a default to many. Finding all the things about life that is wrong oftentimes allow us to exhale on personal responsibility. I don’t know if you caught that. In other words, complaining about something or some person(s) ejects ourselves from being responsible to change what we are complaining about. Instead of the risk of getting muddy in order to embark change, we stay away and look down in order to make a negative comment about it. Our hands stay clean, and we expect someone else to assume the … Continue reading Sick and Tired? Take A Pill.