Can I Look At Your Face For A Moment?

In this society in which screens are the new faces, the ageless gem of personal communication is starting to become less attractive. Pictures are the go-to method of meeting people, texts/emails are the go-to solution for handling problems, and social media is the go-to avenue of venting frustrations. Although these all are useful and convenient – especially in such a fast-paced society that we live in – the art of face-to-face still should have prominence. The problem is, in many cases, it doesn’t. Screen talk, whether it be through texting, IM, chat, etc., dilutes the power of truly experiencing non-verbal … Continue reading Can I Look At Your Face For A Moment?

Beware Of The Spiritual Vacuums

Have you ever had that co-worker, ex-wife, family member, or “friend” that you feel like they are always negative and trying to bring you down? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Everyone has those kind of people in their lives. I call them spiritual vacuums. These are the people in your life that always try to find a wrong in your right, a dark spot in your light place, and a rough patch in your smooth sailing. Moreover, they act as if you are not genuine in your joy. Keep being genuine in your joy, and don’t let anyone damper it! … Continue reading Beware Of The Spiritual Vacuums

It Will All Fall In Place

Faith is such an amazing phenomenon. Hebrews 11:1 describes it as the “substance of things hoped for” and the “evidence of things not seen.” The incomprehensible dichotomy is that the beauty of faith is, “I don’t know how it is going to happen, but I believe in God that it will.” Another interesting element to faith is works. James is a strong proponent of this, as he adamantly exclaims that “faith without works is dead.” Now, tie the two together – hope and work. Understand that faith is the lifeline of staying calm and confident in your current situation, have … Continue reading It Will All Fall In Place

Happiness Is Not A Bad Word

Oftentimes, people revert to the negative things in life way too much. It is almost to the point where it becomes some kind of sick therapy to be miserable and constantly complaining. “This person shouldn’t be in that position over me.” “I have been doing this for so long, and I am still not where I want to be.” “He is not even as good as I am, and look at where I am at.” These are just a few negative pills that stagnant people take, which eventually becomes like an addictive drug that is hard to shake. Remember, negativity is … Continue reading Happiness Is Not A Bad Word

You Focus On My Flaws, I’ll Focus On My Future

One of the most humbling things a person can ever experience is understanding that they are not perfect, even if they try their hardest. One finds so much solace in embracing the fact that we as humans are always prone to fail, whether intentionally or unintentionally. We won’t always get “A”s on essays, nor will we always get every answer right on exams. We will be late to church services and meetings, and, yes, we will let someone down. We are not disappoint-proof when it comes to dealing with people; someone will expect something greater than what you are delivering, … Continue reading You Focus On My Flaws, I’ll Focus On My Future

Commit Yourself to Grow TODAY

Have you ever just sat back and reflected on your growth from the past 6-12 months? Now is the time. Before your get overwhelmed in believing that your dreams are too big for you, take some time and think about how much you have grown over the past year. What situation can you look back and say you are stronger as result of getting through it? Has anyone came to you for advice? Did you handle it better than how you would have before? If you are the same and have not grown in your conflict resolution and goal-setting skills (just … Continue reading Commit Yourself to Grow TODAY

13 Years Later…

What a tragedy that occurred thirteen years ago. Families shattered, scars that are still yet to be healed, hearts that are still feeling pain. Understandably, coping is continuing to be a discipline, as well as a challenge. If there is any light at the end of such a dark tunnel, it is that unity is such great therapy to heal wounds. Bonding together, creating strong support, does wonders in releasing heaviness from unforgettable and shocking events like the one America experienced on September 11, 2001. While we as a country – especially the media – are prone to consider anything … Continue reading 13 Years Later…

How Are YOU Better Today?

Many times it is easy for us to look at someone else’s faults in order to pay attention to our own faults less. This is such a common mistake, and is very easy to resort to. Today, let’s change this. It is time to look in the mirror and see what flaws we have in order to fix them. For every time you are about to say something negative about someone, look inward first and see what is negative about yourself. Truthfully, start with the fact that you find some kind of solace by being so quick to point out … Continue reading How Are YOU Better Today?


(Courtesy of Andrea Malis) Did some homework.  Narrowed down my top 5 values. Here they are: 1. Healing     2. Children     3. Trust     4. Hope     5. Duty There are tons of resources on the internet if you get stuck on how to start.  You can just Google the word values and many, many sites show up for you to pick from.  I worked my way through two very different lists.  I found clarity in both.  Ultimately, I turned inward and wrote straight from my heart. I had others on there like Character and Spirituality, but this … Continue reading Values