Takeaways from Being Burned Out

After this incredible journey through this quarter in my PhD classes, this particular season very tough, experiencing severe burnout very early on. Trust me: it is certainly not anything to look pass, as it comes with serious mental and psychological, even physical, effects. Thankfully, I was able to push through it, and get my fourth straight 4.0! I learned so much through this burnout process, though, that will help me with managing my heavy load in the present and future. There are two big takeaways that I got from this quarter: 1) embrace rest, and seek to get as much … Continue reading Takeaways from Being Burned Out

A Laugh a Day Keeps the Grumpy Away

Ever feel like everything is going wrong some days? You have the feeling of “Why me?” when it comes to having a bad day. Thoughts in your mind start to brew about what bad you have done to someone in order for the “What goes around, comes around” adage to manifest. Well, you are not alone. I remember a couple of weeks ago during lunch time at work, I drove to get something to eat. Switching cars that morning, the truck that I normally drive had more than enough gas in the time. However, the other one did not, as I … Continue reading A Laugh a Day Keeps the Grumpy Away

8,000 Push-ups… AGAIN

Around June, I was contemplating whether I wanted to do my push-up challenge again. Last year, there were nearly 10 people who committed to doing the challenge with me, but only one finished with me to the end. This year, the motivation was not there. I frequent the gym, and love to lift weights and do cardio, but the arthritis in my back had continued to escalate, the back pain was agonizing and never-ending, and I really did not know if my body could manage that feat while I am currently doing lighter workouts to strengthen my back. However, knowing … Continue reading 8,000 Push-ups… AGAIN