It Will All Fall In Place

Faith is such an amazing phenomenon. Hebrews 11:1 describes it as the “substance of things hoped for” and the “evidence of things not seen.” The incomprehensible dichotomy is that the beauty of faith is, “I don’t know how it is going to happen, but I believe in God that it will.” Another interesting element to faith is works. James is a strong proponent of this, as he adamantly exclaims that “faith without works is dead.” Now, tie the two together – hope and work. Understand that faith is the lifeline of staying calm and confident in your current situation, have … Continue reading It Will All Fall In Place


(Courtesy of Andrea Malis) Did some homework.  Narrowed down my top 5 values. Here they are: 1. Healing     2. Children     3. Trust     4. Hope     5. Duty There are tons of resources on the internet if you get stuck on how to start.  You can just Google the word values and many, many sites show up for you to pick from.  I worked my way through two very different lists.  I found clarity in both.  Ultimately, I turned inward and wrote straight from my heart. I had others on there like Character and Spirituality, but this … Continue reading Values