Churn It, Toss It Up, Feed It To Yourself

We all have shortcomings. The real issue is how we deal with them. Some own them and embark on a quest to change. Some look for others to share the responsibility. And, unfortunately, others try their best to disengage completely from it. Those are the ones that must read this. Others can read, too, as I believe it is beneficial for all of us.

So why “Churn It, Toss It Up, Feed It To Yourself?” We all love pizza, don’t we? I suppose there are odd ones that do not care too much for it. For the ones who do love pizza, here is an analogy for you. How is pizza made? Well, you take the ingredients, whip (or churn) it to the desired level, toss it up and spin it around, heat it, then be the first to make sure it is presentable to the ones you are sharing it with.

Now convert this to every situation in your life. Before you get to looking at someone else to take the blow, evaluate YOUR part of the problem. Oftentimes, you were a part of the problem as well, and you would find it unfair if someone else looked at you before they looked at themselves. So why is it fair to you?

Here is the answer – IT ISN’T. Approach every situation as if you are on a mission to right your wrong first. Then, HELP – not force – the other person(s) to finish the job. As a team, it works better when you encourage, not discourage. It all starts with YOU. Either you can make your recipe for solving problems the best dish on the block, or be on the next season of Worst Cooks In America.

So, before you get so frustrated at someone else – CHURN IT, TOSS IT UP, FEED IT TO YOURSELF.

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