Kick It Into Overdrive

Everyone has bad days. The good thing about these days is that, while they can certainly break your confidence and make you feel de-energized, they can also make you stronger, and give you more of an ability to get through the slumps in your life. 

When these times happen, do your best to not feel defeated and deflated. These are such common feelings to resort to, and it takes persistence and discipline to change this paradigm. The biggest thing to realize is that it is just a moment, so do your best to let it pass. If something has you feeling exhausted and lifeless, think about something that can revive you.

Your spouse that you will look forward to spending time with, your favorite restaurant that you can treat yourself to after work, your favorite television show that is coming on, the shows you need to catch up with on your DVR, that workout you have prepared for the gym, that potential mate that you’ve been thinking about all day and can’t wait to talk to when you get home. You get the point.

I know it can be very hard to do, but it is not impossible to overcome. When moments like these occur, discipline yourself to instinctively kick it into overdrive, and focus on things that will lift your spirits. As a result, you’ll be more productive where you are at the moment, and take back control of your feelings.

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