Commit Yourself to Grow TODAY

Have you ever just sat back and reflected on your growth from the past 6-12 months? Now is the time. Before your get overwhelmed in believing that your dreams are too big for you, take some time and think about how much you have grown over the past year. What situation can you look back and say you are stronger as result of getting through it? Has anyone came to you for advice? Did you handle it better than how you would have before?

If you are the same and have not grown in your conflict resolution and goal-setting skills (just a couple of examples), make it a strong effort to set immediate goals to grow. Get someone who you can trust that will tell you some hard truths out of love and support. Always remember, if you’re not growing, you’re not living. And we have way too many people in this earth who are walking zombies when it comes to remaining stagnant and purposeless.

DO NOT let that be you. Commit yourself to grow TODAY.

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