Why Are You Working For “The Man”?

One thing that I find so incredibly amusing – but sad – are people that work for a company, are getting paid enough to barely make it from paycheck to paycheck, have to work overtime just to break their back to pay for gas, but say that they “love their job.” I have experienced many people like this in my day, and just about all of them are just waiting to tell the truth. However, they are scared of the possible results. What makes matters even worse, they spend 5, 10, even 15 years of their life working FAR below their potential.

This isn’t even about what degrees you have, and how many people are in your network. This is about realizing that you are much more important than working for a “boss” who oftentimes looks at you as simply someone who can make his or her pockets fatter, or relieve responsibility. Aren’t you greater than that? Do you even have any jurisdiction at your job, Mr. Ben Thereawhile? Sure, you may be in a position that allows supervision. But, ultimately, what happens when you have a great idea that your “boss” disagrees with?


Granted, everyone does not have a heart of an entrepreneur. However, everyone does have a creative chip programmed in their brain that is an asset to society. Don’t let that chip stay asleep. If you prefer a bureaucratic system, go for it. However, make your thoughts known. Assemble meetings to churn people’s creativity to make the business better. If you are working for a CEO that cares, your opinion matters, and he or she is not proud to give you credit and pay you beyond your satisfaction because of appreciation for what you do.

If you see yourself stuck in a rut, and have been working at a job for a while, why are you there? If you know that you have many great ideas, why not be your own “boss”? If anything, that better fits personal growth anyways, being your own boss first, and gaining confidence to lead and develop others. Do not let your routine complaining of the overall business model, or your “raise” be a pause button in your dreams. If your dream helps the company, make it known.

If your dream is bigger than your constant complaining, what are you waiting for? You are only getting older, and so is your dormant vision. Pursue it, and you’ll be able to have dinner with your former “boss” now as a business partner instead of a subordinate. Don’t use this article as a pass to quit your job because “Chris said so.” That mentality alone makes you ill-prepared for the hard work it takes to make your dream known to the world. However, do use this article as smelling salt to wake up the GIANT in you that has been knocked out by doubt, fear, and complacency.

So, I ask you again – why are you working for “The Man”? If “The Man” treats you right, pushing and promoting your passion, I can certainly see why. I agree with your choice. However, based on overwhelming statistics of people disliking their job, that is not the majority.

Your input is greater than constant rejection. From now on, YOU DA MAN! WAKE UP YOUR DREAM, and GO!

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