Ask Chris: God-given Promotion – Merit, Grace, or Both?

Promotion… Does God base it off merit, grace or both?

Well, I suppose you can apply this to why non-Christians get promotions as well. If you are a hardworker, you’re a hardworker. The “sowing and reeping” principle works across the board. This is why many believers get discouraged when they are struggling to ascend in a company, or even get a job, when they see someone else who they know are not acting in a moral way get promoted or hired. Don’t worry though, as Psalm 46:16 advises to not be dismayed when this occurs, as well as Proverbs 13:22 stating that it is being stored up to those who are living in righteousness anyway. This applies to that same person who stepped on your head who now becomes your subordinate, donates to your charity, or a host of other things. However, one should not feel entitled. Faith and hope is the key when it comes to why it is “not your time yet.” DO NOT act prematurely.

Now, when it comes to grace, there are many instances where someone who is an avid Bible-believing Christian receives a promotion in a company over someone who has been there many years before him. However, this is most likely given because of the Luke 16:10 principle, being faithful over the little to become ruler over much. Us believers should never expect promotion handouts simply because we call ourselves Christians. God is still evaluating what we do with what we have, and if it is not pleasing to him, we should not get upset at our lack of ascension.

Promotion comes to those who are diligent in multiplying the seed that God has given them. Look at the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). What happened to the servant who sat on his one talent, compared to the others? Not only did he not get rewarded, but he was punished for failing to be a good steward of what he had! This principle still remains, and applies to even a different dimension as a Christian. If God has given you a gift, and you do nothing with it, why are you upset that you are not seeing a return? It is no one’s fault but yours, and maturing your faith in this area would be ideal.

So, whether it is grace or merit, the most accurate answer is both: God has granted you the ability to spread to the world whatever portion he has given you. Do not expect any kind of promotion if what you have is being abused, marred, taken for granted, and not maximized. This principle applies to everyone, and no one should snark at the next person who decided to apply biblical concepts correctly. Use what you have to the fullest, and EXPECT more to come.

Chris Featherstone is a certified Life Coach and Theologian. Submit your “Ask Chris” questions to @chrisprolific, or via Facebook inbox. If you like what you read, REBLOG!

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