Tired, Burned Out, Deep Breath

It’s been a while since I have blogged, and it is not intentional. It is mainly because I can admit that I am experiencing burnout right now regarding my life. The good news is, it is all good things, but the weight is incredibly heavy. There, I got it out. Now, time to do something about it.

One thing that has helped is making sure that I am resting more. Having a near-three and a six-month-old (both boys) does not make the quest easier, but it does remind me everyday that I am building a legacy right before my very eyes. At the end of this tunnel, a life of sheer abundance waits for me to accept it. Understanding my purpose is one of the biggest reasons why I continue to go.

Moreover, seeing people who say, “I wish I would have…” hurts the deepest recesses of my soul, because they are living in mental debt as result of having fear in fulfilling their purpose. However, as I said before, it’s NEVER too late. God allows you to live on this earth because He has faith that you will start walking in your purpose. Now it is time to have faith in Him, and start walking in it. The only thing fear will give you is regret (and everything that encapsulates it).

I feel better now. Being refreshed to know my God-given purpose is my driving force, gives me the strength to encourage others. But, most of all, it gives me the strength to HELP MYSELF.

Thanks for allowing me to encourage myself… and you.

@chrisprolific @vizionunitedllc

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