A Laugh a Day Keeps the Grumpy Away

Ever feel like everything is going wrong some days? You have the feeling of “Why me?” when it comes to having a bad day. Thoughts in your mind start to brew about what bad you have done to someone in order for the “What goes around, comes around” adage to manifest. Well, you are not alone.

I remember a couple of weeks ago during lunch time at work, I drove to get something to eat. Switching cars that morning, the truck that I normally drive had more than enough gas in the time. However, the other one did not, as I was not paying close attention to it. As a result,  as I was returning to work, the car stopped. Out of gas. To spice things up, I was not in a safe place, as the car completely stopped on road amongst fast traffic. At any moment, someone could have not noticed that my car was stopped, or been behind a bigger car, and could have completely demolished the back of the car.

So, an old acquaintance of mine that I have not seen in years just so happened to be passing by with a truck and a towing kit. Of course, I accepted the request for help, and was pulled to the nearest gas station. During the pulling process, we went over some railroad tracks, which allowed to rope to have a little give in it. Unfortunately, at the expense of my car, the rope YANKED the car when it straightened out, and could have took off the whole front end. Thankfully, we made it to the gas station, and I was able to fill up the tank.

At the gas station, I noticed that the buffalo sauce that was in the car from my meal somehow managed to creep on my clothes, brought its strong stench with it. I had to wait until I returned from work, and washed the sauce off as much as I could.

All of this happened within 30 minutes, and I could have felt totally defeated. However, because — in my philosophy — life is a big bowl of laughter and positivity, I had the ability to shrug it off and look forward to the rest of the day. Now, I am not perfect at this by any stretch, but I have learned that laughing at least one time a day has the ability to totally change the perspective of one’s mindset toward life.

A friend of mine recently commented on how she is inspired by how much I joke around and do not take many things more serious than what they should be. I told her, “you can learn to laugh everyday too.” She said, “I don’t know how to be as funny as you are.”

What a horrible and miserable way to think!

Many times, your situations cannot change. However, you surely can. Interestingly, when you learn to laugh daily, your outlook of those situations somehow mysteriously change as well.

Let day one of a life of laughter start today.

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