Help Me Hope Again…

Sometimes, you just feel drained. No one is around, and it seems like there is no way out. You feel like you are in a dark tunnel, with no trace of light in sight. The old adage, “When it rains, it pours”, was clearly intended for your life. Nights where sleep is at a bare minimum because so many thoughts are permeating your head. So hard to “look on the bright side”, because you even forgot what it looks like. It feels like an anchor is on your shoulders, and it is incredibly difficult to stand straight and move forward. Instead, the anchor is burying you further and further into the ground, and you feel like you are suffocating with each breath.

Although it feels like you cannot raise your arm to reach out, and life has a mute button on your cries for help. Don’t stop. If you keep trying, you’ll get the strength to reach out. If you keep crying, someone will hear you. Silence leads to suffering. Suffering leads to death. You were born, so that means you are needed. We need you here. GOD needs you here. Giving up will hurt more people than yourself. There is someone looking at you, or thinking about you, right now, hoping that you get through this so you can teach them how to get through it.

Your exhale moment is just around the corner. However, do not think that you can do it alone. You can’t, and you won’t. Many times, no one will be there for you. However, God will. Always. You might have even felt like you are not good enough to call for Him. You might have even put yourself in the position that you are in now. You might have even denounced God because you felt like he wasn’t there. None of that matters to Him. He just wants you to call Him.

He wants you to passionately say, “HELP ME HOPE AGAIN.”

I know, it’s tough. I’ve been there. However, I know how it is to be on both sides, and I know what I needed to do to get out of where I didn’t want to be. When I realized that I needed help, I searched for it, and I found it. In Jesus. And, as a result, the right people come to me from nowhere, as if they all received a message from God to help this hurting soul. When that happened, I understood how powerful it was to swallow my pride, have faith, and BELIEVE that this was not the end.

I am not a rare breed. There are many people like me out there who have felt that this world has nothing else for them. Maybe you are one of them. Consider God speaking to you, telling you to stop thinking you can do it alone. There is so much relief in learning how to speak up. There are others who need to hear your story, so it won’t be theirs.


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