Why I’m Fluttering My Feet

I was at work today, and started fluttering my feet. I was asked why I was doing that. In the midst of everything that is going on, I can wake up and say that I am happy about living. I appreciate going to work and having a stable job. I appreciate living my dream and writing for FOX Sports and Sports Illustrated, something that seemed so out of reach just a few years ago. I live everyday thinking about God giving me breath, health, and strength. I love the fact that I am living out what I dreamed, but it is much bigger than that. I love the fact that I can say that the smile on my face is because of God’s grace in my life, and how he loves me so much that he pours his blessings on me. CONSTANTLY.

I have learned to exhale and let go. All the cares that I held on to, I was too afraid to give it to God because of both shame, feeling like he would be disappointed at my failures, as well as pride, thinking that it is my job to clean up what I messed up. However, in spite of all the negative marks on my portrait, God continues to give me a blank canvas, eradicating those marks and renewing my spirit each day. Now that is something to flutter my feet about! The level of gratitude that I have for God’s grace is incomparable, and really cannot be fully described in words. This world has shown us, even within the past few weeks, that life is certainly not something to be taken for granted.

So, as this world continues to turn itself upside down, I’ll be fluttering my feet. Fluttering because I could have woke up without the ability to be as active as I am. Yes, I have serious back issues, and it stinks, but I won’t allow that to steal my joy. Fluttering because I have people in my life that appreciates me, loves me, and genuinely wants the best for me. And they understand that I desire the best for them, so they take heed to the insight that I have gained from hearkening to the Holy Spirit, and life experience. Fluttering because I could have been a victim of a stray bullet, stricken with a terminal disease, or could have lost my drive to succeed. Fluttering because I am on a path of purpose, and enjoying every minute of it!

Don’t let this world, or its craziness, discourage you and allow you to believe that life has to be somber and fretful. There are so many people that have the right to mourn because of a loved one becoming a victim of hate, no matter what part of the spectrum it is. Go ahead and mourn; the Bible instructs us that it is necessary for our healing. However, don’t let it consume you. Think about what God is doing in YOUR life, and all the things that could have happened that would make it much worse. Enjoy life! Invest in your life! GET TO FLUTTERING THOSE FEET!

Don’t feel embarrassed. Go right ahead. I’m doing it now, so you’re not alone. 🙂

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