Jagmeet Singh harassed by racially insensitive heckler

Canadian Politician Jagmeet Singh Holds Town Meeting, Chooses Kindness While Getting Racially Harassed

Last week, a Canadian politician chose love. He chose, in the heat of the moment and with disrespect literally staring him in the face, to show kindness. In the midst of a difficult situation or circumstance, what choice would you make? If you were in his shoes, from where you are in life right now, would you have chosen to do the same thing? I can honestly say that I wouldn’t and that’s a problem.

If you don’t know about the incident, I’ll briefly explain: a Canadian politician, by the name of Jagmeet Singh held a town hall meeting. During this meeting an irate white woman harassed and belittled the politician while he was addressing the crowd. Spewed with racial slurs and a nasty disposition, Singh chose to show the woman kindness.

This single act is what the Gospel is all about. Luke 6:28 states “Bless them that curse you, pray for them that despite fully use you.” ASV. That is exactly what that man did on Wednesday night. He blessed he while she was spitefully using him. He loved her even though she brought him dishonor. He showed her kindness in the face of malignancy. After the meeting, Singh said,

“Once allowed to grow, hate doesn’t pick and choose, it spreads like fire.”

If any one of us were in her position, staring into the eyes of whom we perceive to be our enemy, would we react in the same manner? If someone says something to us that causes a spirit of offense to rise up in us, wouldn’t we feel justified firing back at our attacker? Is that what Jesus taught us? Did He react the way that woman did, when He walked into the temple and saw the moneychangers? In Matthew 21:13 -14, Jesus demonstrated the love of the Father by correcting them in love and then continuing His work for the Kingdom. Today’s Christian Woman author Hillary McMullen, discusses the importance of this in her article, The Art of Loving Unlovable People.

“The only true source of compassion, strength, and love is God. If we embrace and rely completely on God’s love and forgiveness for us, we can then draw from his infinite provision and begin to love others more fervently and sincerely.”

Her sentiments couldn’t be any more accurate for the situation at the town hall meeting. Mr. Singh drew from a place of Christ-like love on that day. He showed us all the power of God’s love towards another person who could care less about our love. He didn’t judge her for her appearance or the words she was saying, he judged her by God’s standards. What’s more, is that he isn’t even Muslim. But, he chose in that racist rant to show her what Christ shows us on a daily basis; love, even when we’re unlovable.

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