End of the World did not occur

The End Of The World Did Not Occur On September 23, But What Is The Lesson? [Opinion]

The World Did Not End 9/23: What’s The Lesson?

No man knows the day or the hour so the predictions made that the World would end were bound to come back void. It has happened before, remember Y2K? Those of us who were old enough remember the panic and the urgency to get right before that day. Heck, I started back going to church and reclaimed my relationship with the Lord on New Years Eve 1999, just in case. I wasn’t taking a chance. I never regretted my decision.

If we knew when the World would end, some of us would run to the Lord; some of us would run to the church; some of us would run to the club and some of us wouldn’t change a thing.

Those who run to the Lord would be those who have had a previous relationship with the Lord. We know that He is a shelter, a strong tower. We have experienced His mighty hand at work. We know that without Him we are nothing but we may not always make time to cultivate the relationship like we should. We live life on 1st, 2nd and 3rd base then try to run for the safety of home before we get struck out.

Those who run to church mistake the safety of community of believers for the safety that lies in knowing Christ for oneself. They believe the sermons without question and never stop to seek and knock on the door of God’s heart for themselves. Those who run to church have their exterior together: they wear stockings, girdles, shoulders covered, bosoms concealed, but they confuse the eyes of the Pastor with the eyes of God. God is all seeing and all-knowing. Church is only a portion of who you are. God is there is the hard nights and frustration, he sees and hears all.

Those who run to the club, or the buffet, or the strip club or buddies house when hard times come are those who have lost hope and faith. These people think there is no heaven or hell so they will go out with a bang. These people may be good people but they deny that they need a saviors love, grace or forgiveness to make it. They turn to Wordly things to take the place of the emptiness of not having a relationship with the Lord. These people will find out the hard way that people will fail them but God never fails.

Those who will do nothing different know that each day could be their last. Although the World may not end today, they live as though this is their last. They make good on their promises, they are quick to forgive and ask for forgiveness. They know love covers a multitude of sins so they are free with their love while withholding wrath. These people are a pleasure to be around and they make you feel God’s love and warmth. You are better because you know these people and the World is a better place because of them.

So, if you knew the world was ended September 23, 2017 where would you run? Where are you in your life? How are you responding to the craziness we see on the news? Because it may not be today or tomorrow but one thing for sure, two things for certain: the end is coming. Will you be ready?

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