Former ISIS Sex Slave Shares Painful Truths About Her Experience

Sexual slavery is a known issue in our society. With millions of young girls and women being kidnapped and sold into sex trafficking rings, it’s a painful reminder of the darkness that dwells among us. On average, approximately 800,000 trafficked across international borders. 80% of these victims are women and 50% are minors. One brave young woman, who was able to escape from sexual slavery brought about by the Islamic extremist group, ISIS has come forward to share her story about her experience.

Uprooted from her home land, “Aveen” witnessed first hand the destructive force called ISIS. For 12 months, she was beaten, raped, tortured, drugged and traded between fighters. 7,000 other Yazidi women were also captured by ISIS and forced into sexual slavery.

To this day, six of Aveen’s family members are still missing due to the rampage of Sinjar by ISIS fighters, the place she and half a million of other Yazidi men and women called home, and two of her sisters quite possibly could still be under ISIS captivity.

“There was nothing they didn’t do to me.”

Aveen was only able to find freedom because her captors wife took pity on her. But even with the freedom from the evil regime called ISIS, the repercussions of the emotional trauma are still fresh and painful in her mind. She is still tormented by nightmares and panic attacks and has no access to a therapist. Though she’s taking a medication now, it doesn’t remove the deep wounds that sex slavery caused.

As Christians, we are the peacemakers. We are the ones who are called to battle the enemy’s forces in the spirit and cover those who are victims of these heinous crimes with unconditional love. Our job is not to condemn or retaliate against injustices we see in our world, it’s to allow God’s love to transform us and in turn, transform the world.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

The only way to destroy the suffocation of our people by way of injustice and pain is through love. God desires for you to not only have communion with Him, but to become like Him. Becoming like Him means that you consult Him on all things and allow Him to lead your hearts reaction. Whitney Hopler discussed this in her article, How to Fight Injustice with Love where she quotes the words of Mark Labberton’s book titled, The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor: Seeing Other’s Through the Eyes of Jesus.

“The sin in this fallen world has given all people eye and heart problems, making it hard to see people’s true value and move beyond selfishness to the sacrifices necessary to respond to their needs.  So ask God to open your eyes and help you learn how to see people as Jesus sees them, and pray for the love you need to expand your heart beyond caring for just your own needs so you can genuinely care about other people.  Recognize that you’ll ultimately gain rewards from God Himself for making sacrifices in this fallen world to help others.”

The simple gospel is rooted in this; that you would put on the mind of Christ and allow Him to transform you. It’s through that transformation that real change takes place. By putting on the eyes and mind of Christ, we can see through His eyes, the most effective way to fight the injustices of this country and this world.

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