Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock

FOX News Host Says That Las Vegas Shootings May Have Been Due To A Religious War

With 58 dead and over 500 wounded, the recent shooting in Las Vegas is being coined as the deadliest in modern history. As family and friends of victims continue to be consoled, authorities and media outlets continue to speculate on why this tragedy occurred. Since the shooting, a number of theories have been presented on why it happened.

It has been reported that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, has been eyeing massive gatherings for quite some time. One of the outings was the Lollapalooza event held in Chicago, in which Malia Obama was in attendance. 64-year-old Paddock booked a hotel for the week of the event, which occurred from August 3 to August 6. During this booking, he was said to be very forceful in getting a room that overlooked Grant Park.

After being told that the option was not available, Paddock demanded to management that the guarantee was granted, with the reason being that he and his wife can reminisce about a previous Lollapalooza visit, TMZ reports. However, he did not show up.

CNN interviewed Paddock’s hair stylist, Kallie Beig, stated that he seemed to be in a drunken state during the last visit with her. This unbalanced condition was not new to her, however, which many others around him could attest to. Moreover, his brother was in disbelief about the shooting.

In addition to reported conditions of Paddock, along with the intention to harm those who attended previous largely-numbered concerts, FOX News host Ainsley Earhardt spurred a bit of controversy when she presented her theory of why the shootings occurred.

According to Earhardt, Paddock may have “had a problem” with many of the attendees of the concert being Christian, and that he may have had a personal vendetta to fulfill since he was believed to be an atheist. When Earhardt attempted to garner a respond from her fellow hosts, it was received with silence instead.

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