Jeff Flake not running for re-election

Jeff Flake Says He Won’t Run For Re-Election in 2018

Senator Jeff Flake announced that he will not be seeking re-election in 2018 and will be leaving his seat in the Senate when his term runs out in January 2019. The basis for his choice? Disdain for the lack of leadership exhibited by President Donald Trump.


This announcement came as a shock to his fellow constituents as he was expected to run for re-election. Senator Flake has been serving on the U.S. Senate since 2013 after previously holding a House seat from 2003-2013. During his announcement, Sen. Flake criticized President Trump for his misconduct and “flagrant disregard for truth and decency”.

“It’s dangerous to our democracy”, Flake said. ‘Why didn’t you speak up?’ ‘What are we going to say?’ he asked rhetorically. ‘Mr. President, I rise today to say, enough.’”

While I see the point he is trying to make, the puzzlement lies in his approach; are you really suggesting that abandoning your official position puts you in a position to teach our nations leader to importance of commitment to our nations current issues? By abandoning your position, in essence, you are taking the easy way out. Senator Flake is in one of the most influential offices in our nations capitol. The Senate, along with the House of Representatives, enact all of the laws we abide by today.

With that kind of power, its concerning to me that Senator Flake would choose to give up his influential right on account of the “personal opinion” he holds towards the President. It’s in offices like these where real changes can actually be made.  If you abandon your post before the battle has been won, you leave your men vulnerable and your enemy knows your weak points.


Before the battle of Jericho began, God came Joshua and told him that He had handed the enemy, who was a mighty force to be reckoned with, that He had handed the Israelites over to him and his army. God gave Joshua specific instructions to ensure a swift victory would be obtained. And even though a victory Joshua and his men did see, disobedience destroyed the might of the team and nearly derailed their advantage and spiritual covering. “This is why the Israelites cannot stand against their enemies. They will turn their backs and run from their enemies, because they have been set apart for destruction.” Joshua 7:12 NKJV. 

And just like the battle at Jericho, this country is at war and will not have the advantage if critical members of the army abandon their posts and choose to go their own way. How can our president learn about righteousness if he doesn’t have people around him who can teach him and show him a better way?

This lack of commitment will leave our country vulnerable to even more poor choices and possible irreversible damage done by our President, simply due to a lack of understanding and guidance. Someone has to be the voice of reason in a crowd full of doubt and confusion. With Senator, like so many others, abandoning ship, who will that person be?



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