Christmas is about Christ

America Was Polled On Whether Jesus Should Be Back In Christmas – Here Are The Results

With the continuous growth of media and social media as heavy influences within American culture, the concept of Christmas is becoming more secularized by the day. While deriving the holiday from secular origins, in regards to replacing the worship of a pagan god with celebrating the birth of Jesus, Christmas – as we know it – was established to redirect a non-Christian culture to Christ.

Sure, there was Yule and Saturnalia. However, Christmas is the holiday that reigns supreme over the pagan ones, and it has been recognized for years as the holiday that “God and sinners reconcile” according to Charlie Brown. While the setting up of lights and erection of trees should be further researched by Christians to understand the root, the concept of Christmas being without Christ is a direct rejection of why Christmas was declared in the first place. However, even the most subtle cultural customs have tried to put Christ out of Christmas.

There is no question that America is slowly ridding themselves of the sovereignty of God in exchange for the religion of humanism. Scientific American projects that by 2030, due to the decreasing statistics, America will have no religious experience at all.

Despite this staggering information, there is still a glimpse of hope for the Christian devotee. According to The Blaze, a new poll showed that 68 percent of Americans want to put Jesus back into Christmas. Only 32 percent want Christmas to be more about Santa, while the other 14 are undecided. That means, nearly seven out of 10 people in the United States desire for Christmas to be about Christ.

Whether this is due to their credit card debt providing a revelation, long lines at the department store that turned the light bulb on, or reminiscing on how family once was when “Jesus is the reason for the season,” is undetermined. However, as secularized as this nation has become, the yearning for Jesus still remains. In fact, if it was not for the birth of Jesus, Christmas would not even exist.

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