Creflo Dollar Offers Online Bible Study — But You Have To Pay For It

Popular televangelist and senior pastor of World Changers Church International Creflo Dollar is launching an online Bible study for people to comprehend “how to empower your life with an understanding of the grace message.” WCCI, which hosts nearly 30,000 members and is located in College Park, Georgia, offers multiple weekly services for their congregants.

While an online Bible study can certainly be an opportunity for people to stay connected to the ministry, there is one major issue to why this can be a hurdle to some.

Through the Grace Life Academy online discipleship courses offered by Dollar, which was launched during the summer, subscribers will have unlimited access to his Bible studies. In a bizarre analogy, Dollar compares the monthly subscription to a heavenly bank account.

Photo: TBN

“Let’s use an example you all are familiar with. You have a bank account. A need arises so you access the funds in that account to pay for dinner or to pay for something nice for yourself,” said Dollar (h/t Christian Post). “We know in order to access the account, you need a couple of things. You either need the bank account information or the bank card. Without the account information or the bank card, you will not be able to access the funds contained within it.

“So many of us are living our lives with unmet needs, although God has already freely given us access to his heavenly accounts to make those withdrawals. This grace life message is about providing you with the access which is understanding of God’s word. Listen, understanding God’s word enables you to receive all of the abundant provisions, resources and promises that are available through Jesus’ finished work on the cross.”

Dollar ended his promotion video urging listeners to “become a student of grace and join me and thousands of others in the Grace Life Academy.”

A huge proponent of the prosperity gospel, which is viewed by many Bible scholars to have heretical undertones, Dollar recently tried to convince 200,000 people to donate $300 each in order for him to buy a new $65 Gulfstream G650 airplane for the purposes of ministry.

Pulling back from the campaign due to major public backlash, Dollar made sure to explain to his flock that there were demonic influences that were trying to stop his mission.

“Now you see why the devil tried so aggressively to discredit my voice,” said Dollar. Dollar also added that he “never asked [his members] for a dime,” although there was a fundraising page up for it.

Photo: Christian Examiner

The page, however, was removed by Dollar, but he defended his decision for his campaign due to “knowing it was time to believe God for a new airplane,” since he and his administration felt that the current plane was getting too old.

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