Jerry Falwell, and the Importance of Accountability

Former pool attendant Giancarlo Granda has came out to release a quite saddening expose regarding Liberty University president Jerry Falwell and his wife, Becki. For the sake of brevity, Granda has presenting quite compelling evidence to prove that he began to start a relationship with Becki, having sex with her.

What makes things even more weird, Granda revealed that Jerry was in the room watching them during the times that Giancarlo and Becki were having sex. Eventually, the lust faded away, the Falwells wanted to end the business and personal partnership, and Granda—feeling slighted—took his chronicles to the media.

The above video gives my personal feelings toward the matter as a graduate from Liberty, receiving my Master’s degree in Theological Studies in 2013. Most importantly, I share the importance of accountability, and how rank should not have a negative impact on one having an accountability partner(s).

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