Hard Work Pays Off

This year, we celebrated the 127th year of Labor Day. As a token of appreciation, America celebrates its hard workers via a national holiday. Kudos to that. It takes much work, patience and perseverance to make this country generate the opportunity that it has. Although many are not at their ideal (see previous post about being a statistic), at least they can say that an opportunity is presented to put a roof over their heads, and take care of their family. The next step is to not settle in doing something you do not want to do, and go for … Continue reading Hard Work Pays Off

Common, Common?

What people in your life do you appreciate the most? Let them know that. We all have an inner ego monster that stays hungry. It is up to you to either feed it until it gets fat and harmful, or give it a healthy and balanced diet, so it can work for you and help you boost up others. Evaluate these 10 questions, and think about the first person that comes to mind. Do it instinctively; don’t try to make it someone that it really is not. If it is not your spouse that you are thinking about, that’s okay. … Continue reading Common, Common?