Common, Common?

What people in your life do you appreciate the most? Let them know that. We all have an inner ego monster that stays hungry. It is up to you to either feed it until it gets fat and harmful, or give it a healthy and balanced diet, so it can work for you and help you boost up others.

Evaluate these 10 questions, and think about the first person that comes to mind. Do it instinctively; don’t try to make it someone that it really is not. If it is not your spouse that you are thinking about, that’s okay. For now. In some cases, they may not be, and it is not always a bad thing. However, if they do not fulfill most of them, strive to make it that way.

  1. You ran out of gas 50 miles away from where you need to go. Who would you call?
  2. You are having some problems in your relationship. Who would you pull on for venting?
  3. You are looking for some career advice. Who would you consult?
  4. I feel like ______________ helps me out the most when I’m down, without expecting anything in return.
  5. If I won the lottery, ______________ would be the first person I would tell, because I know he/she would celebrate with me instead of ask how much he/she could have.
  6. ______________ calls/texts/messages me to check how you are doing the most.
  7. I have the most thought-provoking conversations with ______________.
  8. I can honestly say that I love ______________ more than anyone else in the world.
  9. I would share my dreams with ______________ in a heartbeat, because I know that he/she will give me some sound advice.
  10. _______________ does not beat me down for messing up, but encourages me to do better.

Now, after reviewing the names, here is your task:

  1. Text or email a simple “Thank you” to all the names your inserted in the questions. Just one message per name would suffice.
  2. For those who are responsible for 2-3 of them, give them a gift card, your choosing. Seeing how they are a part of your supporting cast, you should know certain interests they have anyway; whether they love iTunes, Old Navy or Chipotle, choose wherever you think would put a big smile on their face.
  3. If any are responsible for four or more, use social media to publicly thank them. Also, take them out to their favorite restaurant within the next 45 days.

Best wishes, and appreciate those who appreciate you.

2 responses to “Common, Common?”

  1. I appreciate you. Guaranteed, YOU will not be the first I call when and if I run out of gas since I don’t even know you – BUT! I sincerely appreciate the positive vibe you throw out here. Being supportive of others and letting them know -before a eulogy- is THE way. great list idea for folks that feel uncomfortable with identifying their real advocates in life. keep rockin out the positivity, thank YOU!


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