Beware Of The Spiritual Vacuums

Have you ever had that co-worker, ex-wife, family member, or “friend” that you feel like they are always negative and trying to bring you down? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Everyone has those kind of people in their lives. I call them spiritual vacuums. These are the people in your life that always try to find a wrong in your right, a dark spot in your light place, and a rough patch in your smooth sailing. Moreover, they act as if you are not genuine in your joy. Keep being genuine in your joy, and don’t let anyone damper it! … Continue reading Beware Of The Spiritual Vacuums

You Focus On My Flaws, I’ll Focus On My Future

One of the most humbling things a person can ever experience is understanding that they are not perfect, even if they try their hardest. One finds so much solace in embracing the fact that we as humans are always prone to fail, whether intentionally or unintentionally. We won’t always get “A”s on essays, nor will we always get every answer right on exams. We will be late to church services and meetings, and, yes, we will let someone down. We are not disappoint-proof when it comes to dealing with people; someone will expect something greater than what you are delivering, … Continue reading You Focus On My Flaws, I’ll Focus On My Future

How Are YOU Better Today?

Many times it is easy for us to look at someone else’s faults in order to pay attention to our own faults less. This is such a common mistake, and is very easy to resort to. Today, let’s change this. It is time to look in the mirror and see what flaws we have in order to fix them. For every time you are about to say something negative about someone, look inward first and see what is negative about yourself. Truthfully, start with the fact that you find some kind of solace by being so quick to point out … Continue reading How Are YOU Better Today?