How Are YOU Better Today?

Many times it is easy for us to look at someone else’s faults in order to pay attention to our own faults less. This is such a common mistake, and is very easy to resort to. Today, let’s change this. It is time to look in the mirror and see what flaws we have in order to fix them. For every time you are about to say something negative about someone, look inward first and see what is negative about yourself. Truthfully, start with the fact that you find some kind of solace by being so quick to point out someone else’s flaws.

While looking in the mirror, ask yourself this question – “How are YOU better today?” Focusing on oneself more than others is such great therapy when it becomes a discipline. Not only does it help you with bettering yourself and not avoiding curable idiosyncrasies, but it also allows you to become more patient with people, which results in being a stronger influence.

Focus on YOU today. I know it may be tough, but you have to start somehow. Do you accept the challenge, or are you going to continue focusing on other people’s faults today before your own?

Your call.

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