Compart Mental Lies

So many times in our lives we deal with people who do not believe in us. Whether it is the way we look, speak, or smile, people are victims of prejudice far too often. Unfortunately, these prejudices can affect people deeper than you think. Oftentimes – especially men – we mask our true hurts by having a bravado that commands attention and acceptance. When, in fact, there is an inner cry that continues to be unheard. Eventually, that voice will be unable to speak any longer, and will turn numb. Then, a sense of feeling calloused and nonchalant trumps a yearning for affection and someone to hear your pleas.

The best route to go is to not be ashamed to tell someone you are hurting. Far too many times we see people in power, i.e. executives, pastors, mentors and other leaders, cover up their hurts to save face. As a result of being unattended, lies begin to brew, and they begin to get exhausted due to helping others, but not getting help themselves. Then, they began to act one way in front of the masses, but another way in front of the people closest to them.

Have you ever had thoughts such as, “they won’t look at me the same,” “they may think I am weak,” and “I don’t know how they will react,” try to shroud your thinking? Well, you’re not alone.

If you want the real truth, those are lies. Do not entertain them. There is someone who cares, and wants to hear you. The problem is – again, especially those in a position of authority – people are so afraid to open themselves up and get free from the bondage of negative thoughts. Never feel as if you cannot tell anyone your pains and struggles. That is a lie from the pit of hell. You will feel so much more relieved when you get to the deep issues of yourself with someone you trust. Not someone who will automatically turn the situation even more negative than what it is, but someone who you know will fight for you, and with you, through the challenges.

So compartmentalize negative thoughts that keep you bound due to fear of reputation, into a category named “Compart Mental Lies.” Then, when you do that, toss them out of your mind and don’t look back.

Whenever fear is strong, courage is stronger.

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