Uncomfortableness Brings Out The Real You

It is funny how we are put in positions that squeeze the real us out of us. That is why it takes great discipline to create a version of you that when you are put into a tight situation, it mirrors (at least, almost mirrors) how you are when things are going well. I suppose that only applies to people who do not hate the world and believe that everything is tied to a conspiracy.

The beauty of life is that uncomfortable situations can leave people feeling relieved or regretful. Relieved when they are proud of their growth, even so far as bringing a positive spin to the uncomfortable situation. Or, unfortunately, regret that they instinctively acted a certain way when placed in an uncomfortable position.

The real you is the instinctive you. This is when you don’t have time to create an alternative version, and the big mirror is shining on your heart and soul to exhibit what is currently inhabiting there.

TODAY’S MISSION: Go somewhere or do something uncomfortable today. Whether it be having a conversation with a co-worker you don’t get along with, or calling an old friend that you have some unresolved issues with, just to give a couple options. Stretch yourself to grow from these experiences, so people can be inspired by your conduct. Evaluate yourself after this challenge, and see how far you’ve grown, or how much you need to grow.

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