Uncomfortableness Brings Out The Real You

It is funny how we are put in positions that squeeze the real us out of us. That is why it takes great discipline to create a version of you that when you are put into a tight situation, it mirrors (at least, almost mirrors) how you are when things are going well. I suppose that only applies to people who do not hate the world and believe that everything is tied to a conspiracy. The beauty of life is that uncomfortable situations can leave people feeling relieved or regretful. Relieved when they are proud of their growth, even so … Continue reading Uncomfortableness Brings Out The Real You

Do Something Different Today

Routine is one of the most common actions that everyone has. Wake up, eat the same food, play the same music, drink the same coffee, drive the same route, do work tasks the same order. Although routine can sometimes be a sign of good discipline, it can also lack a good healthy injection of spontaneity. In many cases, an overdose of routine living can lead to the mind rejecting new ideas, as well as a sense of complacency. There is so much fun in doing something different. Not only is it mentally refreshing and adventurous, but it also allows your routine … Continue reading Do Something Different Today

Would You Like Fries With That?

Being alone in pivotal situations can be utterly dangerous. Especially when you are going through a crisis, a decision to stay at a job or leave, or simply having a bad day. The beauty of having someone there with you is that he/she is virtually saying, “give me some of that pressure; I am here to lighten up your load.” Isn’t that amazing? Not only are they willing to take a portion of whatever care you are dealing with, but they are adding it to whatever care(s) they already have! So, yes, that is amazing. Join the load-sharing revolution. However, do … Continue reading Would You Like Fries With That?