Can I Look At Your Face For A Moment?

In this society in which screens are the new faces, the ageless gem of personal communication is starting to become less attractive. Pictures are the go-to method of meeting people, texts/emails are the go-to solution for handling problems, and social media is the go-to avenue of venting frustrations. Although these all are useful and convenient – especially in such a fast-paced society that we live in – the art of face-to-face still should have prominence. The problem is, in many cases, it doesn’t.

Screen talk, whether it be through texting, IM, chat, etc., dilutes the power of truly experiencing non-verbal communication. In fact, we short-change ourselves nowadays, especially since only 7% of actual communication is stemmed from words spoken! The other 93 is based on body language and tone of voice, being 55 and 38 percent, respectively.

Do not give up on understanding that there is still power in reaching out to people. Do not simply replace a face with a screen, because based on effective communication, you are only getting 7% out of them anyway. Don’t you want much more than that when you are dealing with a crisis, have a big dream you want to share, or just want to catch up?

Face-to-face time should still be your primary way of building with others. Screen talk is better than no talk, but do not allow yourself to take away the biggest elements of effective communication that are omitted when you are talking through your hands instead of your mouth.

TODAY’S MISSION: Take at least one day this week to have some face time with someone you have not seen for a while, but talk to them often through a screen. Go to dinner, have some coffee, and bring a notepad. You’ll be surprised how much you will be lit up and inspired by the end of the conversation together.

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