Can I Look At Your Face For A Moment?

In this society in which screens are the new faces, the ageless gem of personal communication is starting to become less attractive. Pictures are the go-to method of meeting people, texts/emails are the go-to solution for handling problems, and social media is the go-to avenue of venting frustrations. Although these all are useful and convenient – especially in such a fast-paced society that we live in – the art of face-to-face still should have prominence. The problem is, in many cases, it doesn’t. Screen talk, whether it be through texting, IM, chat, etc., dilutes the power of truly experiencing non-verbal … Continue reading Can I Look At Your Face For A Moment?

You Mean THAT? You Meant WHAT?!

It’s funny how people are so prone to misinterpret. He said this, she took it that way, now they don’t like each other. Only to find out, he meant this, she took it that way, and the animosity was all for naught. Just think about how many times you have seen this, or, more importantly, experienced it yourself. There is an old adage, “curiosity killed the cat.” I can see how that makes sense. However, the cat was sniffing into other people’s business and got his nose cut off. However, what did curiosity do to the dog? It can be … Continue reading You Mean THAT? You Meant WHAT?!

Listen, Reflect, Speak

One of the biggest causes to ineffective communication is the problem of listening. Oftentimes, we make a conclusion from a statement based on half (sometimes, not even that much) of what is being said, without letting the person finish. Think of it this way. If I tell you, “I think that you are terrib…”, you may cut me off and say, “No no no no… you are terrible at your business decisions. Get that right first, then come to me about my problems.” As a result, I decided to abort the conversation, and it does not go as planned. What … Continue reading Listen, Reflect, Speak

5 Phrases A Mate Would Prefer You Not To Say

Without a doubt, relationships are work. However, it is a voluntary investment. Just like other investments, you not only want to see it succeed, but you want it to thrive and produce an even better return than what you initially put in it. One thing to understand, though, is that it does not come overnight. Two personalities – oftentimes distinctly different – are now fusing together to present a smooth foundation. Personality conflict, differences in how things are handled, and maturity levels are just three things that come in play, and can certainly cause this smooth foundation to remain bumpy. … Continue reading 5 Phrases A Mate Would Prefer You Not To Say