Don’t Talk To Me…

You ever open a door for someone, and they just go right past you without saying “Thank you”? What about go to a check-out counter of a restaurant, grocery store, or department store, and instead of “hello”, you get, “How can I help you?”, followed by vigorous bar code swiping, and price tallying without looking up once. These are people who are usually victims of allowing their cares to get the best of them, or have a deficiency of appreciation. This can stem from difficult hurdles in their life, an instance that left a scar, fear of getting hurt or rejected, or various other factors. It is pretty tough to deal with these people without wanting to mirror the same demeanor.

Then, you have the ones who make it known that you opening the door for them is a highlight of their day, and make you feel warm and satisfied with purchasing that burger, groceries, or pair of shoes. These are the ones that can even challenge you to cheer up from having a bad day, and realize that it really isn’t that bad. Sure, you have an office job that requires you to sit down all day and talk on the phone. But what about the person who gets paid less than you who has to stand up all day and wait for people to come to his or her line?

Trust me, it can be worse.

Sure, my Minor is in communication, so I am well aware of personality types. However, a simple “Thank you” and “Hello”, or even a smile and a nod, trumps any personality technicality. Instead of INTP or ENFJ, let’s all try THSN (Thanker, Hello-er, Smiler, Nodder); universal gestures to help cure grumpy days.

Time to continue to put my words in action. I hope you join me.

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