All I Need Is You… Am I There Yet?

I was listening to a song today by Erica Campbell of the group Mary Mary, and Jonathan McReynolds. The song is called, “All I Need Is You.” Very cool and reflective tune, and the mood had me thinking: have I really committed all of myself to Jesus? Is that even possible? I have not made a cemented conclusion on that thought yet, so I think I am going to spill my thoughts here and see what forms.

So, about giving all of myself to Jesus. It is easy to simply say “Yes,” but that question is very much worth digging in and taking a serious evaluation. As I think about every area in my life – faith, family, finances, mental and physical dynamics, my confidence rests more in the answer of “Daily.” My faith stands strong, but situations still have the ability to alter my mood. So in that case, I cannot confidently say “Yes,” because I should not let things sway may firmness. Then again, that is not necessarily true, because even Jesus was angry and doubted. Even God the Father was angry and repentant. Based on those cases, I think I will go back to “Yes.”

In the areas of family, finances, mentally, and physically, both “Yes” and “Daily” apply. I sometimes fail on the expectations that my loved ones have for me; there have been many times that I have impulse shopped and bought food that I ended up throwing away (yeah, I know… cue the homeless and poor family stories); I work out 5-6 days a week, but sometimes I am so tired from work and school that I do not go to my fullest potential, and walk out the gym unfulfilled. However, I am not satisfied with just admitting my failures. I am more satisfied to know that I serve a God who can clean my slate so I can try again.

As I retire from this thought bubble, I think I have matured quite a bit in my quest to truly live out the phrase, “All I Need Is You.” Yes, I fail. Yes, I make mistakes. But you know what is so amazing about that? My submission is not based on points or perfection; it is based on prayer and perfectING.

Yep… “All I Need Is You” Jesus.

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