Top 10 Reasons It Is So Hard To Say Goodbye To The Obamas [Opinion]


NOTE: The views expressed in this article reflects those of Tanikka Price, and does not necessarily reflect the views of ViZion United, LLC as a whole.

Okay America, we need some time to grieve. We are losing a lot. There are so many reasons why this transition of power is difficult but here are the top 10 reasons why we are distraught about the Obama’s leaving the White House:
10. They were unapologetically Black. From the music they listened to all the way to the fist bumps- the Obama’s lived out their blackness in front of the World. And we loved them for that!
9. FLOTUS moved her Mama in to watch her children! Nobody can watch your children like your Mama or your Grandma! So like all of us want to do- FLOTUS moved her Mama in the White House to watch Sasha and Malia. She didn’t hire a Nanny, she brought her Mama! ‘Nuff said.
8. They attended a Black Church and knew how to have church. POTUS got in a lot of hot water for his Pastor Jeremiah Wright. A lot of us were pleasantly surprised that he attended a Black church. This was evident in his singing “Amazing Grace.”

7. They had self-proclaimed “White House Block Parties” were 90% of the attendees were Black. I was so proud of the First Family when I watched “Love and Happiness” on BET. The First Family celebrated all their favorites and created a forum to showcase their favorite music.
6. They said what we were thinking- either in Word or facial expression. All the memes of FLOTUS’ side eye! #Obamaout was everything. They said it- in a respectful but necessary way. And we were there for it all.

5. POTUS had no problems openly loving a chocolate sister. Who expected Obama to have a chocolate wife? I certainly did not. When he came on the World stage at the 2004 Democratic Convention, I took a deep breath in when the panned to his wife. She is a sister! And he is not shy about loving all almost 6 feet of his wife. And we swoon #relationshipgoals.
4. POTUS has swagger. ‘Nuff said.
3. The Country was in shambles when he took office and he did the unimaginable- brought us back from the brink of The Great Depression 2. Check the stats: the housing crisis is over, unemployment is down, his ratings are high, and we can breathe again. We could pray before January 20th that is!
2. Because of them, black kids 10 and under can only remember an America with a Black President. Imagine only knowing a Black President and what it can do for our self-esteem. Our kids will know that there is no limit, if they can dream it they can achieve it.

The Obamas
1. From getting up at 4:30am to hit the gym to struggling to quit smoking. The Obamas were real people with family issues like Cancer, MS, single parenthood, lack of financial support, identity crisis and drug use. They were real people with a passion to help the world and they worked hard. So now we have to work hard. Because like Ebony says on their cover this month, “Yes we still can!”

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