My Lord, My Faith, My Life – To You

Many people ask me why I decided to devote my life to Jesus. In spite of not always getting what I want. In spite of not being exactly where I would like to be at this point in my life. In spite of not always having a peachy marriage, or people live up to their promises to me. In spite of still failing, when I strive to have a 100% success rate. Well, it’s quite simple. I cannot live without him. I have before, and things were much worse. I was miserable, regretting every breath that I breathed, wishing every … Continue reading My Lord, My Faith, My Life – To You

Dear Mr. Doubt

Dear Mr. Doubt, I thought I asked you not to contact me anymore. I have some dreams to manifest. It’s hard for me to remember how we even became friends. Better yet, it’s hard for me to understand how we remained friends. Oh, I remember now. There was something about you that was enticing. Oftentimes, I felt safe listening to you. “No one will ever support you.” “That dream is WAY too big for you to accomplish.” “Where are you gonna get the money to do that?” “TV? Really? From your kind of upbringing?” are just a few of the “encouraging” statements … Continue reading Dear Mr. Doubt

Stay In Tune With Your Life, Not Your Popularity

This weekend I randomly decided to do some research on Niccolo Paginini. He is one of the most highly-acclaimed violinists in all of history. His story is interesting, captivating, creepy, and engaging, to say the least. At a young age, he decided to endeavor in playing the violin. Almost immediately, his talents, coupled with his striking appearance, gained him popularity all across Italy, and he eventually became world-renowned. However, with this fanfare, there were many rumors that he was both a womanizer, as well as struggled with his spiritually. Though he was affiliated with Roman Catholicism, many say that he … Continue reading Stay In Tune With Your Life, Not Your Popularity

Tell Someone Today What Could Kill You Tomorrow

I am sincerely praying for the family of Robin Williams. It hurts my heart so deeply that the very person who made a living by making others laugh, was himself struggling to smile. From the reports, he was sober for 20 years before relapsing. This is pure authentic proof of what I posted yesterday. You NEVER know who someone really is until you dig deep, and keep digging. So sad. Yes, 63 is an age that many would envy, especially from the amazing professional career that he had. However, out of his 35 years in TV and media, what portion of … Continue reading Tell Someone Today What Could Kill You Tomorrow

By The Way, I’m…

Hello. I believe we have met before. However, you hide me from others so much that I wouldn’t be surprised if you oftentimes forget about me. I know your deepest darkest secrets. I have seen you cry more than anyone. Laugh more than anyone. Evaluate tough decisions more than anyone. I am sure you would not tell anyone, not even the ones closest to you, what you tell me. For some reason, I feel the need to constantly listen. Well, I suppose I have no other choice. You can say that is my purpose. However, on a deeper level, my … Continue reading By The Way, I’m…