YouTube Star Posts Video Of Getting Drunk For The First Time

Recently, YouTube star Jennx McAllister, who has a username of “jennxpenn,” posted a video on her channel of herself getting drunk for the first time, while being asked trivia questions. This is following an explanation of her stating that she wrote a book promising not to post a video of her getting drunk.

However, she changed her mind, and posted a video while getting drunk, as if it was an exciting achievement.

Unfortunately, society finds fun and excitement in watching a 21-year-old girl get drunk for the first time. Of course, for a Christian, a life of drunkenness does not represent a reflection of holiness. Moreover, endorsing this kind of behavior is something that is not a good reflection as well.

Hopefully, instead of drawing attention about getting drunk for the first time, Jenn will see how much this can negatively influence others who look up to her.

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