Joel Osteen Lakewood Church Hurricane Harvey

Joel Osteen Decides To Open Church Doors To Victims Of Hurricane Harvey Amid Major Backlash

Lakewood Church Joel Osteen has decided to open the church doors to the public after the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. According to the latest toll, at least 10 people are dead, and many more injured. Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, stated that it is “one of the largest disasters America has ever faced,” and is not expected to recover anytime soon, according to the New York Times.

Osteen tweeted his decision to open up the doors earlier today.

The timing of this decision was a subject of mass criticism by many. While there were some who understood the process variables such as security and insurance, others were quick to scoff at him not opening the doors immediately. Comments such as “the IRS should terminate your tax exemption,” “he wouldn’t have done it if he hadn’t been criticized relentlessly,” “I remember when Jesus fed the needy only after receiving massive public pressure,” and “Only after donations were threatened” flooded his post after revealing the news.

Sadly, the main focus of many have been how long it took to open his doors, rather than him opening the doors. Hopefully, the shift goes back on how everyone can collectively help those who are in need, whether it be prayer, shelter, or a financial contribution.

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