New Zealand Removes Jesus’ Name From Parliament Prayer

Earlier this month, the Speaker of the House in New Zealand, Trevor Mallard recited a prayer that was missing an important component: Jesus Christ. New Zealand, reported as becoming more of a more secular nation, recently enacted this change and speaker Mallard didn’t hesitate to put this new prayer into practice despite the period of consultation not yet being over. Furthermore, a more radical version of the payer, which is usually recited before every sitting session, was presented to parliament members with no religious references at all, but that version was not accepted.

What’s troubling is the thought that the omission of Jesus Christ somehow makes this prayer more acceptable from a secular standpoint and in turn more suitable to recite before parliament gatherings and deliberations. It seems this change was brought about after the swearing in of New Zealand’s youngest Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, who identifies as Agnostic. Prime Minister Ardern made no mention of God, omitting “so help me God” and adding in the phrase “solely, sincerely, and truly declare and affirm” while taking the oath of office after her election in September of 2017. When asked about her religious beliefs, she stated that she was raised Mormon, but left the church.

The reception of Prime Minister Ardern and her denial of Christ is an extremely candid view of the dysfunctional state of the world. Because of her influence, members of parliament are considering removing Jesus Christ from the prayer they recite before their meetings. The simple fact that the Son of Man, who gave up His life so we could live and be reconciled to God, is being viewed as an inconvenient name in an oath and a prayer is inconceivable.

In Luke 9:12, Jesus gives his disciples a stern warning about how dangerous it will be to deny Him. “But he who denies Me before men will be denied before the angels of God.” NKJV. As Christians, it is vital that we speak up and declare the truth of God to the leaders of our country, such as the representatives of New Zealand so they won’t continue to be deceived or lost.

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