Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles Has A Dream Bigger Than The Super Bowl

The Philadelphia Eagles made history Sunday night when they became Super Bowl Champs, narrowly claiming a victory against the New England Patriots. After the game, several of the players and the coach gave honor and accolades to God for the miraculous win. One player in particular, back up Quarterback Nick Foles made it a point during his post-game interview to discuss the impact his faith in Christ had on game day and what plans he has for the future.

“My faith in the Lord means everything. I’m a believer in Jesus Christ and that’s first and foremost. That’s everything. I wouldn’t be able to do this game without Him, because I don’t have the strength to go out and do this. This is supernatural.”

Foles almost retired from football after feeling out of place and not knowing where he’d end up at the beginning of the season. But, when Carson Wentz got injured in week 14, Nick Foles knew that God had given him a second chance to show the world how God had touched his life. When Foles does finally retire, he plans to redirect his passion for God towards high school students.

“I want to be a pastor in a high school…It’s on my heart. I took a leap of faith last year and signed up to take classes at seminary. I wanted to continue to learn and challenge my faith. It’s a challenge because you are writing papers that are biblically correct. You want to impact people’s hearts.”

Proverbs 21:21 states, ” The one who pursues righteousness and faithful love will find life, righteousness, and honor.” This is how Christ won the hearts of men, women and children; pursuing righteousness unapologetically and fervently. It’s so refreshing to see influential men such as Nick Foles choosing to honor God in his line of work by pursuing righteousness rather than highlighting their own talents and abilities.

If sports teams like the Philadelphia Eagles continue to walk in the way of righteousness and honor, it could not only change the face and perception of sports as a whole but the entire nation could be transformed by their amazing example.

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