Lake Ingle barred for stating there are only two genders

Student Barred From Christianity Class For Stating There Are Only Two Genders

In the world of relativism, a lack of absolutes, and a rejection of binary notions, even theology professors have succumbed to the current trends. According to FOX News, Professor Alison Downie barred religious studies student Lake Ingle from her class due to “disruptive behavior.” The behavior? Stating that there are only two genders, and challenging the feminist theology professor of this binary worldview.

During a lecture, Downie asked only women to speak following a TED Talk by transgender ex-pastor Paula Stone Williams, after Williams express dissatisfaction with “male privilege,” “sexism from men,” and “mansplaining.” As a result of him opposing Downie’s agenda, Ingle was kicked out of the class, and asked not to return, which would have postponed his graduation.

IUP President Michael Driscoll announced at a press conference that he will oppose Downie’s decision to kick Ingle out of the class, stating that he is “disappointed” in how the university handled the situation. After an 18-day exile, Ingle expressed how coming back to the class is a victory.

“I’m happy I can get back to class and graduate on time,” said Ingle. “I was surprised the president stepped in before the ruling but glad he made the right choice.”

Ingle added to being able to make a statement regarding maintaining his stance and being able to resume the class.

“When you see that kind of misuse of intellectual power, you want to be the person that comes back and does it responsibly and with morals. Instead of being the purveyor of your ideology, you can be an educator.”

Ingle is now preparing for graduation. Moreover, Downie has not publicly commented on the matter.


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