EXCLUSIVE: Jor’Dan Armstrong Explains Why He Declined Secular Music Offers And Remained A Gospel Artist

Jor’Dan Armstrong has become a very buzzworthy name in the Gospel music scene. His fervor and passion for music, and more importantly, Jesus, has led to dozens of songs via album, EP, mixtape, or feature. The Baton Rouge, Lousiana native has used his musical talents to glorify God through a new sound that strikes the pulse of the generation.

In the latest episode of the ViZion United Podcast, Armstrong expressed the vision behind his latest projects, “Blsd” and “Blsd 2”.

“Really the whole theme of the project is to let people kinda know about how I was raised, how I came up, and all of the influences of musical styles that influenced me as a kid growing up,” Jor’Dan said. “So, I was born, really I was born in the ’80s, but grew up in the ’90s, so ’90s music and all of those sounds were very influential to me.  And, basically, this project really talks about my life.

“I’ve never really let anyone into how I was raised and who I am. A lot of people know me for the catchy songs and the cool beats, but they don’t ever really get to know who Jor’Dan Armstrong is. With this project, I let a lot of people into my story, and my story had a bunch of different sounds. So that’s what this album is about.”

One of the inspirations behind the Blsd and Blsd 2 albums was a song from his “52 Weeks of Summer” album, “Came Up”, where he chronicled how significant losses during a season in his life put him at a crossroads to consider quitting the Gospel music industry. Still, he remained faithful, and decided not to give up. As a result, Jor’Dan says that he is so happy that he did not give up singing music for God, and is so thankful for the grace that God continues to give him.

Due to having such a crossover type of sound, Jor’Dan went into detail about how he has been offered opportunities to become a secular artist, but why he has not gone that route.

“I definitely had opportunities [to go secular], [but] I think what always kept me was the fact of my grandmother and my mom and everybody else, I always felt like I would be letting them down, just to be honest,” Jor’Dan explained. “I’m sure my great-grandmother would not understand that I chose to do that type of music. And, of course, my love for Jesus, but really my family.

“Just the legacy and I come from generations and generations of pastors, worship leaders, and singers, and it would have been pretty crazy for me if I would have done that, I really feel. I just couldn’t see myself on stage singing about anything but the love of God. So, I stand on it really tough, and I just love God, man. I don’t know what else I would do (laughs). I think I might be corny. I think I might have been a corny R&B singer. It’s just not me. It’s not in me.”

Jor’Dan strongly feels that God has called him to do what he does, and “God shows himself every day because the music is so different from everyone else’s, and it just shows the uniqueness that God has given me, and it shows that I’m doing the right thing.”

Jor’Dan also discussed what keeps him strong, the importance of hanging around godly people, and more. You can hear the full interview below.

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