The Dream Cemetery…

Many years ago, I attended a conference to see an incredibly motivational Pastor and speaker named Myles Munroe. He has authored many books on purpose and potential, and has spoke in venues all around the world. While there were many takeaways I received from this event, there was one thing in particular that has resonated with me, and will continue to be a driving force to keep me on track with accomplishing my passions.

Dr. Munroe deeply expressed that the one of the biggest places where dreams reside is the cemetery. This is because so many people have their dreams locked up in their minds, all the way to the grave, without aligning them with their purpose and bringing them to life.

Wow, just imagine that. You have an idea that could potentially revolutionize and make a mark on the entire world, but because of fear and doubt, that dream will reside in your mind until its final home of the grave. As a result, an unearthed idea will continue to lay dormant, because you are no longer capable to cultivate it, grow it, and make it impactful to the nations. The very thought of that is petrifying.

Instead, allow your dreams to have an identity, and be patient in its path to maturation. Most successful people in business and media would say that it didn’t happen overnight, so don’t let the interim period discourage you. Stay focused on your passions, and do not point the finger to someone else for why it is not materializing. DO YOUR WORK, be patient, and know that it is going to happen.

Hold on tight to those things that you know you are passionate at doing. Granted, not every passion that you have may all happen at once. You will get burned out and overwhelmed if you try to make that happen. However, the joy of life is the fact that we have the ability to dream, and turn them in to reality. So, dream, make it happen, and then dream some more. It is so amazing that we as humans are able to do it.

Don’t let your dreams go to the cemetery with you. Turn them into reality, and make the world better with what you have.

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