Are You Sleeping? WAKE UP!

It is so easy for people to lose sight of their purpose because they are so caught up and distracted by all the current cares and challenges. Trust me, I get it. I am not totally free from that struggle either. However, there are always ways to refocus on your goals, which gives you a boost in where you are currently. Understand that this is only a piece to the bigger puzzle of your manifested dreams. Make the best out of where you are. Legacies are not build just based on legends being in comfortable places. They are also built when … Continue reading Are You Sleeping? WAKE UP!

Hard Work Pays Off

This year, we celebrated the 127th year of Labor Day. As a token of appreciation, America celebrates its hard workers via a national holiday. Kudos to that. It takes much work, patience and perseverance to make this country generate the opportunity that it has. Although many are not at their ideal (see previous post about being a statistic), at least they can say that an opportunity is presented to put a roof over their heads, and take care of their family. The next step is to not settle in doing something you do not want to do, and go for … Continue reading Hard Work Pays Off

Don’t Be A Statistic!

In a recent survey done by NBC, 84 percent said they are not working in their dream job. That is both staggering and disheartening. This means less than two out of 10 people can say that they are doing what can be considered as ideal to them. So, conclusively, it means that the definitive majority of us are doing something that we really do not want to do. I understand that you can’t just go into a company and say, “Hey! Hire me now!” However, while you are waiting, you can continue working on your dream and further perfect it. … Continue reading Don’t Be A Statistic!

Dear Mr. Doubt

Dear Mr. Doubt, I thought I asked you not to contact me anymore. I have some dreams to manifest. It’s hard for me to remember how we even became friends. Better yet, it’s hard for me to understand how we remained friends. Oh, I remember now. There was something about you that was enticing. Oftentimes, I felt safe listening to you. “No one will ever support you.” “That dream is WAY too big for you to accomplish.” “Where are you gonna get the money to do that?” “TV? Really? From your kind of upbringing?” are just a few of the “encouraging” statements … Continue reading Dear Mr. Doubt

The Dream Cemetery…

Many years ago, I attended a conference to see an incredibly motivational Pastor and speaker named Myles Munroe. He has authored many books on purpose and potential, and has spoke in venues all around the world. While there were many takeaways I received from this event, there was one thing in particular that has resonated with me, and will continue to be a driving force to keep me on track with accomplishing my passions. Dr. Munroe deeply expressed that the one of the biggest places where dreams reside is the cemetery. This is because so many people have their dreams locked up … Continue reading The Dream Cemetery…