Prove Yourself Right, First

If you are second-guessing yourself, why should I believe you? Being sure of something is one thing, but showing hesitation of what you think you’re sure about is another. I encourage you today to become more confident in yourself. Whether it is your convictions, your skillset, or the role at your job, let everyone know that your confidence is at a fever pitch today.

This is not about being cocky. The difference in being cocky and being confident is, when you are cocky, the focus is on you touting about your abilities more than others. When you are confident, you put the focus on others touting about your abilities, and less on yourself. So, BE CONFIDENT TODAY. Without a doubt, people are more tuned in to those who exude confidence, but manage to stay humble.

TODAY’S MISSION: Prove yourself right, first. Be confident in whatever you are going to show the world today. So much, that they will be confident in sharing that “whatever” to others.

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