Go For It… What Is “It”?

We all have desires. Whether short or long term, people feel a sense of belonging when they see themselves making an impact. Especially, when they are making an impact based off of something they are passionate about. Sure, there are many ideas that we have to change the world, but what is that “thing” in which you know that you are so passionate about? To give a strong indicator, it is usually the “thing” that  you can see and taste it happening, and you are the spearhead in making it happen.

Another strong indicator is, if I surveyed 10 people, what would they say the most attractive thing about you is, not including physical? Do you make them laugh? Are you very caring? Do you give good advice? Do you love to give? If you don’t know what “it” is, ask a number of people that question. Moreover, have a close friend ask some people. Most likely, they’ll feel more comfortable sharing it with him/her, than with you.

Think big. Don’t compromise whatever “it” is to your “limitations.” If your dream does not outlive you, it’s just simply a thought.

TODAY’S MISSION: Find your “it” today. Then, tell someone you trust about it. Bounce ideas off each other on how this theoretical becomes actual. Above all else, BE PATIENT.


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