Tell Someone Today What Could Kill You Tomorrow

I am sincerely praying for the family of Robin Williams. It hurts my heart so deeply that the very person who made a living by making others laugh, was himself struggling to smile. From the reports, he was sober for 20 years before relapsing. This is pure authentic proof of what I posted yesterday. You NEVER know who someone really is until you dig deep, and keep digging. So sad.

Yes, 63 is an age that many would envy, especially from the amazing professional career that he had. However, out of his 35 years in TV and media, what portion of that time was he actually happy? Who looked at him, other than his wife, past the celebrity status? This is why it is so important to spend time knowing and caring about someone, rather than caring so much about their reputation. Everybody hurts. EVERYBODY.

What we all should learn from this tragic story is to understand that we all need help. If you are living this earth and are perfect, there is a good chance that you won’t be here much longer. Life is an ever-increasing platform to grow, and no one – no matter how rich or popular you are – should feel as if they have maximized their growth. If you don’t grow, you’re stagnant. If you’re stagnant, your “productivity” becomes counterproductive.

Look past the reputation, straight to the heart. That is where you will find the deepest happiness, as well as the deepest hurts. Learn to reach out to someone. Many cases, they need you more than they will admit, and oftentimes you are the one that has to take the first step. Many of us have a river of tears that is stifled by an emotional dam, and you are the one with the bulldozer. Don’t tell them so much about where they are – encourage where you will help them get to.

There is so much relief in knowing that you can freely and openly tell someone your darkest thoughts. Be that person to tell and be told.

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