Everybody Needs A Biscuit…

Everybody needs a person who can give them some sound advice. Especially someone who they trust and know has their best interest in mind. Look for someone who will not mold you to you they want you to become, but who sees the greatness in you and will sacrifice to make sure you see it as well.

No one deserves to be on a mental island alone. Someone needs to be there with them so they can discuss, brainstorm, and encourage. If not, you’ll just be talking to yourself all the time, and that is not very progressive.

Everyone needs a biscuit. I know when I have an awesome meal, and I am trying to scoop up those last few spoonfuls; if I don’t use a good fluffy biscuit, what is good will derail off the plate, and won’t be edible any longer. Translate that to having a personal biscuit in your life. If you don’t have someone to keep you on course in being good food for someone, your food will fall to the ground and no longer be of worth.

Let someone help you steer your passions the right direction and to keep you on track. Your passions are purposed to be food to the soul of those who they are served to, but only if it doesn’t fall off the plate. Take your time with your passions. Do not rush them. Otherwise, similar to someone who is quickly eating off their plate, food would fly everywhere and be wasted. And, surely, your passions are of far more worth than to be wasted.

Biscuit, please?

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