Stay In Tune With Your Life, Not Your Popularity

This weekend I randomly decided to do some research on Niccolo Paginini. He is one of the most highly-acclaimed violinists in all of history. His story is interesting, captivating, creepy, and engaging, to say the least. At a young age, he decided to endeavor in playing the violin. Almost immediately, his talents, coupled with his striking appearance, gained him popularity all across Italy, and he eventually became world-renowned.

However, with this fanfare, there were many rumors that he was both a womanizer, as well as struggled with his spiritually. Though he was affiliated with Roman Catholicism, many say that he was possessed by the Devil; insomuch that people had some eerie (but unconfirmed) reports of channeling spirits into his violin – including a murder victim – and even the Devil himself playing with him (which is why many called him the “Devil’s Violinist”). Despite this, he was worshiped by many artists and has become an influence and inspiration over the past 200+ years.

However, Paginini was another artist whose life concluded with abandonment and depression. I’m not even a classical music guy, per se, but stories like this make me enjoy what I can learn from history, and that even the most respected people long for help. This is why it is so important to continuing working on becoming the best you, and not allow others to derail you from that mission, which takes a lifetime . Your popularity can steer you away from addressing the most deepest issues in your life, eventually to the point that they lord over you.

Stay in tune with your life. Not your popularity.

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