My Lord, My Faith, My Life – To You

Many people ask me why I decided to devote my life to Jesus. In spite of not always getting what I want. In spite of not being exactly where I would like to be at this point in my life. In spite of not always having a peachy marriage, or people live up to their promises to me. In spite of still failing, when I strive to have a 100% success rate. Well, it’s quite simple. I cannot live without him. I have before, and things were much worse. I was miserable, regretting every breath that I breathed, wishing every … Continue reading My Lord, My Faith, My Life – To You

How Are YOU Better Today?

Many times it is easy for us to look at someone else’s faults in order to pay attention to our own faults less. This is such a common mistake, and is very easy to resort to. Today, let’s change this. It is time to look in the mirror and see what flaws we have in order to fix them. For every time you are about to say something negative about someone, look inward first and see what is negative about yourself. Truthfully, start with the fact that you find some kind of solace by being so quick to point out … Continue reading How Are YOU Better Today?

Inspire To DO!

Motivation is a strong key to success. Not only success, but RESIDUAL success. However, motivation is nothing without application. Saying it is one thing. Strongly thinking about it is another. However, those just make your brain more tired, and creates a greater sense of false optimism. The gem lies in the DOING.  For many years, I was involved in the fitness coaching/personal training business. In fact, I am still a certified personal trainer, but am no longer doing it full-time (still taking clients – cheap plug). When I would sit down with my clients for the initial fitness assessment, I wish … Continue reading Inspire To DO!

Do Something Different Today

Routine is one of the most common actions that everyone has. Wake up, eat the same food, play the same music, drink the same coffee, drive the same route, do work tasks the same order. Although routine can sometimes be a sign of good discipline, it can also lack a good healthy injection of spontaneity. In many cases, an overdose of routine living can lead to the mind rejecting new ideas, as well as a sense of complacency. There is so much fun in doing something different. Not only is it mentally refreshing and adventurous, but it also allows your routine … Continue reading Do Something Different Today

Dear Mr. Doubt

Dear Mr. Doubt, I thought I asked you not to contact me anymore. I have some dreams to manifest. It’s hard for me to remember how we even became friends. Better yet, it’s hard for me to understand how we remained friends. Oh, I remember now. There was something about you that was enticing. Oftentimes, I felt safe listening to you. “No one will ever support you.” “That dream is WAY too big for you to accomplish.” “Where are you gonna get the money to do that?” “TV? Really? From your kind of upbringing?” are just a few of the “encouraging” statements … Continue reading Dear Mr. Doubt

Stay In Tune With Your Life, Not Your Popularity

This weekend I randomly decided to do some research on Niccolo Paginini. He is one of the most highly-acclaimed violinists in all of history. His story is interesting, captivating, creepy, and engaging, to say the least. At a young age, he decided to endeavor in playing the violin. Almost immediately, his talents, coupled with his striking appearance, gained him popularity all across Italy, and he eventually became world-renowned. However, with this fanfare, there were many rumors that he was both a womanizer, as well as struggled with his spiritually. Though he was affiliated with Roman Catholicism, many say that he … Continue reading Stay In Tune With Your Life, Not Your Popularity

Everybody Needs A Biscuit…

Everybody needs a person who can give them some sound advice. Especially someone who they trust and know has their best interest in mind. Look for someone who will not mold you to you they want you to become, but who sees the greatness in you and will sacrifice to make sure you see it as well. No one deserves to be on a mental island alone. Someone needs to be there with them so they can discuss, brainstorm, and encourage. If not, you’ll just be talking to yourself all the time, and that is not very progressive. Everyone needs … Continue reading Everybody Needs A Biscuit…

Mr. Mo Mentum

There’s a guy that is very popular around these neck of the woods. Now, this does not mean that everyone likes him. However, just about everyone knows about him. His name is Mr. Mo Mentum. Loved and hated, embraced and shunned, accepted and rejected, he receives a gamut of feelings his way every single day. The funny thing is, he is ALWAYS willing to help. The problem is, though, not everyone wants his help. Not because they don’t need it. We ALL do. But, it is because many are too scared to admit that they need his help, even if … Continue reading Mr. Mo Mentum

Churn It, Toss It Up, Feed It To Yourself

We all have shortcomings. The real issue is how we deal with them. Some own them and embark on a quest to change. Some look for others to share the responsibility. And, unfortunately, others try their best to disengage completely from it. Those are the ones that must read this. Others can read, too, as I believe it is beneficial for all of us. So why “Churn It, Toss It Up, Feed It To Yourself?” We all love pizza, don’t we? I suppose there are odd ones that do not care too much for it. For the ones who do … Continue reading Churn It, Toss It Up, Feed It To Yourself