Life Is A Cycle Of “Dump and Take”

There are two ends of the spectrum of ways that people handle their lives. You have those who dump, and those who take.

Those who dump spend most of their time telling people about their problems. No type of direction to solve them, but they just want them off their chest. They go along with their lives making others solely responsible for problems and issues they have, without having the skill of problem solving. Handling other’s problems are petrifying to them, and those problems are oftentimes negated and minimalized because their unresolved problems are most important.

You also have those who take. These are the ones that spend so much of their time taking other people’s problems without coaching them in how to solve them. They take the problem, and make it their responsibility, instead of the problem giver. They cannot deal with their personal issues in an optimal fashion, because they are too concerned about making others happy. As a result, they are overwhelmed, and helping others become hurting themselves.

Both of these are incredibly hazardous, and cause a slow and painful death. Although the ones who constantly take generally have a good motive, the most important person is being unattended to – THEMSELVES. The same applies for those who constantly dump, but they fail at growing the strength to handle problems themselves, and shudder at the opportunity whenever it is presented.

Live a life of both “dump and take”. This is the healthiest way to live, because a balance is being administered, and personal strength is being developed. Do not live a life of holding in your problems. Literally, it can lead to ulcers, which make the stress even worse. Effective leaders are those who aren’t proud enough to dump their issues on people they trust, but also have the strength to take other’s issues and coach them to make the problem better.

Life is a cycle of “dump and take”. Join the cycle, and live a balanced life.

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