Listen, Reflect, Speak

One of the biggest causes to ineffective communication is the problem of listening. Oftentimes, we make a conclusion from a statement based on half (sometimes, not even that much) of what is being said, without letting the person finish. Think of it this way. If I tell you, “I think that you are terrib…”, you may cut me off and say, “No no no no… you are terrible at your business decisions. Get that right first, then come to me about my problems.” As a result, I decided to abort the conversation, and it does not go as planned. What … Continue reading Listen, Reflect, Speak

Life Is A Cycle Of “Dump and Take”

There are two ends of the spectrum of ways that people handle their lives. You have those who dump, and those who take. Those who dump spend most of their time telling people about their problems. No type of direction to solve them, but they just want them off their chest. They go along with their lives making others solely responsible for problems and issues they have, without having the skill of problem solving. Handling other’s problems are petrifying to them, and those problems are oftentimes negated and minimalized because their unresolved problems are most important. You also have those who take. These … Continue reading Life Is A Cycle Of “Dump and Take”

Churn It, Toss It Up, Feed It To Yourself

We all have shortcomings. The real issue is how we deal with them. Some own them and embark on a quest to change. Some look for others to share the responsibility. And, unfortunately, others try their best to disengage completely from it. Those are the ones that must read this. Others can read, too, as I believe it is beneficial for all of us. So why “Churn It, Toss It Up, Feed It To Yourself?” We all love pizza, don’t we? I suppose there are odd ones that do not care too much for it. For the ones who do … Continue reading Churn It, Toss It Up, Feed It To Yourself